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How does Buying Local in Norfolk, help local?

How does Buying Local in Norfolk, help local?

How does Buying Local in Norfolk, help local?

There are so many good answers to this question, to start here are our top five!


1) More money flowing in the local economy

Choosing to spend your money with a local independent business is actually better for Norfolk's local economy.  This is because, research shows that, for every £1 spent with these local businesses over 60p is recirculated back into the local community, unlike spending with National and International chains, where only 5p remains in circulation.  This is simply because Local independent businesses are run by people who make all the decisions about their business spending and will often choose to support other local businesses. In addition to their business purchases, their personal spending will likely remain local as well, from meals out, to shopping in the local shops, taking their car in to the local mechanic, little Timmy’s guitar lessons, Mary’s riding lessons, etc. 


2) More local jobs

Independent Norfolk businesses produce up to eight times more jobs than multinationals! This makes it all the more important to use services and buy from these businesses as they really are the backbone of the local economy.  Not only this, but local independents often pay a higher wage than commercial chains, making for a happier, more motivated, local workforce, pouring even more money into our local economy!


3) More robust, distinctive local communities

Have you ever walked into a chain store and realised that you could be anywhere in the country, the world even?  Well it’s definitely not a draw for tourism, which is a big source of income for the local economy, or for people to want to remain living here.  Part of Norfolk’s charm is it’s unique identity, characterful shop fronts and our rich history. If you took away all the local independents and they were replaced with generic, chain store shop fronts and interiors, Norfolk would lose not only the charm and character, but it would also lose local innovation!  Local independents have the power to make their own business decisions and turn them into reality much more quickly. Some of these innovations have helped support other businesses, communities and families during Covid19. Our local businesses not only help us build distinctive communities, but robust ones too!


4) More support for local charities and community projects

robust ones too! Independents in Norfolk donate up to 24 times more per pound of revenue to local charities than multinationals. We are always so impressed at the level of support our Buy Local Norfolk businesses provide to local charities, events, projects and groups, always excited and encouraged to see the next project on the horizon. Local independent business owners so this simply because they care. They may have used or know others who have benefited from these services or activities and simply want to give back and ensure they can keep benefiting their local communities! So every time you shop locally, you really are giving back to your community.


5) Reduced carbon footprint

Transporting goods and services, commuting to and from work, travelling to the shops all have an impact on our carbon footprint, both individually and as a community.  By choosing to buy local, you may be able to walk or bike as opposed to driving to the nearest chain store. By supporting that business they can continue to provide local job opportunities, meaning their employees may have either a shorter commute by car or can walk or bike. That business then buys their stock locally, calls on the local handyman for maintenance issues, etc, reducing the carbon footprint produced by those services also.  It really is a win win!


Even if everyone spent just 10% more of their budget with local independent Norfolk businesses it would make a huge beneficial impact on Norfolk's economy.



Find out more about Buy Local Norfolk here

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