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Big Bertha contains a powerful magnet made from a material called neodymium which is the most magnetisable material on earth with a life span of approximately 100 years with no batteries to change or charge; it is classed as a permanent magnet.

Big Bertha Magnet should be used as a complimentary therapy, to boost the therapeutic effects of conventional medicine and treatments. Big Bertha Magnet can reduce your pain instantly, but normally easing can be experienced within thirty seconds to two minutes. 

One magnet included per purchase. Please select your preferred colour.

Instructions for use:

Very slowly and gently massage the area of pain with the flat round end of Big Bertha Magnet for approximately 5 minutes. If the pain persists continue to massage for up to 10 minutes. Occasionally benefits might not be felt until the following day.

Big Bertha Magnet is best applied over very thin clothing or a tissue or handkerchief to reduce friction. It is safe to also use directly on to the skin.

Big Bertha Magnet can be cleaned with a damp cloth but it must NOT be immersed in water or used in damp hot environments (such as steam rooms or saunas).

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